The Evidence Against 45

Rather than simply arguing with people, I believe using evidence and data to provide indisputable information about the many trangressions associated with our current president and denied by his supporters is the best way to counter their denials.

Below you'll find four extraordinary lists of transgressions, lies and false claims, and conflicts of interest that I've come across. In each case, this compiled data and evidence is cross referenced and/or linked to the original source.

Please use these to counter any arguments from 45's supporters, and share them, as well as this page as appropriate.

45's Trangressions - a Complete Searchable Database

I've often wondered if anyone was keeping a running record of all of 45's many transgressions. Well, it turns out someone has been. The Weekly List was created, and is maintained by journalist Amy Siskind. It's an absolutely remarkable database.

But be forewarned. There are over 35,000 entries.

Database of 45's Lies and Falsehoods

The Washington Post Fact Checker’s ongoing database of the false or misleading claims made by President Trump since assuming office.

This database contains over 12,000 entries.

45's Conflicts of Interest

"President Trump promised a firewall between his business and his presidency, but he broke that promise and accumulated 3,403 conflicts of interest so far. The conflicts include visits to Trump properties by foreign government officials, taxpayer spending at Trump businesses, and Trump’s own blatant promotions of the businesses. CREW has tracked around two conflicts of interest per day, but that is likely only the tip of the iceberg"

Here you'll find 3,400+ entries

45's Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, and Crimes

"Early in President Trump’s term, McSweeney’s editors began to catalog the head-spinning number of misdeeds coming from his administration. We called this list a collection of Trump’s cruelties, collusions, and crimes, and it felt urgent then to track them, to ensure these horrors — happening almost daily — would not be forgotten." 

Here you'll find 900+ entries