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Jon Stewart calls the race...

This is how Jon Stewart called the race on the Daily Show

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Regarding all those political ads… Lies and damned lies.

(Note: This essay originally ran in AltDaily)

OK. So perhaps saying that all political ads in this election cycle are lies is a bit of a generalization. I’ve even seen a couple I thought were pretty good. But I also strongly believe that the amount of deception and obfuscation that’s being employed in modern political advertising is so pervasive that the majority of what you read, see and hear is too far from the factual to be considered anything resembling the truth.

If you take a default position that they’re lies and someone objective will have to determine otherwise, more often than not, you’ll be right - depending on where you personally draw the line.

Political pros will say that a lie of omission or a lie of deception isn’t “technically” a lie, and that this distinction somehow makes their content accurate enough. But ask yourself this: Has any political ad you’ve seen anytime recently made you feel smarter or more enlightened? What exactly did you learn? Did you believe what you were told? Do you assume those that come from the side you support are truthful, but not those from the other side?

We already know they disrespect each other by the tone of the venal personal attacks that have become so commonplace. But when the campaigns or candidates lie, it indicates that they don’t respect us, either.

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Op-ed: Ayn Rand and the Fallacy of Self-centered Ideology

(Note: This essay originally ran in AltDaily)

I want to explore one of the great myths being perpetuated in America today - particularly by folks who describe themselves as Libertarians. It’s the idea that any of us achieves success in life by ourselves.

I like small government. It’s just easier to manage. But where so-called Libertarians and I differ is in our identification of the problem. They say eliminate government, whereas I say eliminate the need for it by taking on more personal responsibility.

So you want to eliminate the EPA? Fine. All you have to do is get everyone so hell bound and determined to ignore the ramifications of polluting our air and water to increase profit (No - you may NOT have permission to poison my children so you can make more money) to behave responsibly.

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Well said!

This is the opening monologue from the premiere of "The Newsroom" on HBO

Note: It's posted on my server instead of YouTube or Facebook because of the fact that it's copyrighted content and I don't want to cause any unnecessary heartburn.

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Why would anyone want to go through this?

(Note: This essay originally ran in AltDaily)

Sheesh...  And I thought this was gonna be fun.

A couple of months ago, my friend, Hampton Mayor Molly Joseph Ward, asked if I would help out with her re-election campaign, and I said “sure.”

I hadn't worked on a political campaign in 16 years. I had decided back then that the atmosphere had become too corrosive, and I didn't want my life to be further polluted with such toxicity. Even I didn't know just how bad it eventually would get.

Since then, I've worked in local TV news, wrote a column for a local newspaper and became a fairly skilled web developer. I've never had any desire to jump back into the snake pit that politics in modern America has turned into – even when offered buckets of money.

But I adore Molly Ward. She’s like my little sister. Plus, I have never met anyone in elective office with more integrity and genuine desire to engage in public service. I believe she's the best elected official in the entire region, and the citizens of Hampton are lucky to have her as their mayor.

So I thought to myself: “This is great.” She could run on her achievements, her intellect and her vision for the future of Hampton, and the race would be a slam dunk.

How could I possibly have been so naïve?

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